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November 21, 2017

Shongololos in the Sunshine

Summertime, & the living is…. frisky? 

I was sent these snaps the other day. Looking at them got me thinking back on what it felt like to sweat – Or even perspire. That won’t be happening again on Mud Island until around June. I figured I might as well share. Who doesn’t like a bit of nostalgia?

For those of us who have forgotten

  • the pain when a steering wheel sears through the flesh on your hands
  • the buzzing of the mozzies when the aircon has tilted (again)
  • the sweet scent of melted tarmac
  • other memories of 42c that seem more comfortable in retrospect


Or them who just like creepy things…. (Dom, Hollydoll & Burnie)

I hope these make you smile. Grin because you think you think they are cute or giggle because you are glad they are far away. Either way, feel good.

Millipedes, Shongololos & Trains

African millipedes are known as shongololos because millipedes are shongololos. Oops, brain freeze. Sorry. Shongololos got their name from the word “ukushonga”  which is Cradle of Civilisation for “to roll up”.

Locals in some parts of Africa used the same name for trains & that name has stuck too. Fortunately, the trains do not roll up too often. There again, the trains were named after the millipedes /shongololos. Both clearly do get there, eventually.

Millipedes – shongololo – Diplopoda – Archispirostreptus gigas (maybe)

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