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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

If you were expecting the other sort of flashbacks, checkout the section on PTSD.  Music news can be found here

17 December 2002: In Pretoria #SouthAfrica, Joseph Kabila's #Congo government and the two main rebel groups, the MLC and RCD, signed a peace accord ending the #SecondCongoWar

17 December 1979: Patriotic Front guerrilla leaders Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe announced they hade accepted the #British cease-fire plan #Zimbabwe #Rhodesia

How Elite Nigerian Soldiers Turned a Religious March Into a Massacre via @nytvideo

Soldiers of the Peoples Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in #Angola 16 December 1975

15 December 1989 "The conspiratorial core inside the UDF apple": three senior figures in the UDF, including Popo Molefe, convicted of treason were freed on appeal on a technicality #SouthAfrica

@ModernConflict DrJoynt and his team from the CSIR developed the Hyena and was taken in use by the SAP in 1973

Soldiers of the Peoples Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in #Angola 16 December 1975

15 December 1978: In the first universal sufferage election in South-West Africa/ #Namibia, the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance won 41 of 50 seats in the assembly #SouthAfrica; SWAPO boycotted

14 December 1962: The new Rhodesian Front Party Won 35 of 50 of "A" roll seats to win a working majority; Winston Field became the new Prime Minister of Southern #Rhodesia

14 December 1989: Three security policemen and a askari were killed in a Vlakplaas #carbomb blast near Motherwell #SouthAfrica; Vlakplaas members would be convicted for the killings

Lt Eugene de Kock, a co-founder of police counter -insurgency unit Koevoet, in SW Africa #Namibia in 1979 #SouthAfrica

Pretoria Vlakplaas commander Eugene 'Prime Evil' de Kock testifying before the TRC on the 14 December 1989 Motherwell car bomb that killed three policemen and a askari #SouthAfrica

The Hippo mine protected vehicle (MPV), a forerunner to the Buffel #SouthAfrica #Angola

14 December 1989: Three security policemen were killed in a Vlakplaas #carbomb blast near Motherwell #SouthAfrica; five Vlakplaas members would be convicted for the killings

10 December 1993: Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk won the @NobelPrize Peace Prize #SouthAfrica

Joseph Kabila is Handing Over the Presidency but Not Necessarily His Power #Congo

14 December 1964- "God's masterpiece": Kenya's Parliament opened and President Jomo Kenyatta unveiled a statue of himself in Nairobi #Kenya @bonifacemwangi

Train derailed by shell fire during fighting between @UN troops and #Katanga rebels outside Elisabethville #Congo on 14 December 1961

5 Rwandans to stand trial in Belgium for 1994 genocide via @YahooNews

General John Ecland, British officer in charge of maintaining the truce in #Rhodesia 13 December 1979

13 December 1975 Operation Savannah: Four #SouthAfrica soldiers were captured at the Battle of Bridge 14 near the Nhia River in #Angola

#Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Smith at central oil depot Salisbury where a ZANLA rocket attack started a fire that raged for six days and destroyed 25 million gallons of fuel 13 December 1978

13 December 1988: The Brazzaville Protocol was signed by #Angola, #SouthAfrica and #Cuba agreeing on independence for #Namibia to begin 1 April 1989 and phased withdrawal of Cuban forces over 27 months

Lord Soames arrives in Salisbury to take up his duties as Governor of the British colony of Southern #Rhodesia 12 December 1979

Operation Savannah: Armour corp troops of Batle Group X-Ray with their Eland-90 at a halt during the advance on Luso #Angola 8-11 December 1975 #SouthAfrica

9-11 December 1975 Operation Savannah: The Battle for Luso #Angola

11 December 1978: ZANLA guerrillas raided the fuel depot outside Salisbury, firing rockets that set fire to fuel containers and starting a blaze that would burn for eight days and consume months of #Rhodesia valuable oil reserves

11 December 1979- Rhodesian rebellion ends: The #Zimbabwe #Rhodesia parliament voted to repeal the 1965 UDI, dissolved and Rhodesia reverted back to colonial rule by #Britain as Southern Rhodesia

In Enterprise #Zimbabwe #Rhodesia, a blindfolded ZANLA guerrilla is taken off a helicopter in which he was transported from a northeastern tribal trust land where he was captured 9 December 1979

9 December 1982- Operation Lebanta: #SouthAfrica Reecce attack on @myANC facilities in Maseru #Lesotho killed 42, including 30 ANC guerrillas

Two #SouthAfrica Eland AML-60 AFV on patrol in the Caprivi Strip in SW Africa/#Namibia

10 December 1948 #HumanRightsDay : The @UN General Assembly adopted the 31 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights @UNHumanRights @hrw

Katanagan gendarmes during a mortar attack by @UN troops in Elisabethville #Congo on 9 December 1961

9 December 1961: U Thant, Secretary-General of @UN, accused the Belgium-controlled mining company Union Miniere of building bombs and armoured vehicles for Katangan rebels #Congo

Operation Askari: 61 Mech Battalion left Omuthiya base in #Namibia and crossed the #Angola frontier and drove for Xangongo on 8 December 1983

8/9 December 1983: Operation Askari began as Task Force X-Ray/ 61 Mech Bn crossed the cut line into #Angola and headed for occupied Xangongo #SouthAfrica

7 December 1978: The Report of the Erasmus Commission was released implicating State President John Vorster, former Ministers Connie Mulder and Eschel Rhoodie in the Information Scandal #SouthAfrica

SADF column of Buffels with a SAMIL-100 at back and and a Eland-90 AML on right #SouthAfrica

A 140 mm G-2 gun being towed by an Magirus Duetz artillery tractor. The WWII era G-2 was replaced by the G-5 #SouthAfrica #Angola

Katanganese and Belgian civilians run for cover as the bullets fly during fighting between @UN troops and Katanga gendarmes in Elisabethville #Congo on 7 December 1961

7 December 1979: Lord Soames was named as transitional governor of #Zimbabwe #Rhodesia until elections and independence

6 December 1979: A cease-fire agreement was reached as Patriotic Front guerrilla leaders accepted British proposals #Rhodesia #Zimbabwe

A @UN soldier drops a shell into a mortar during fighting between @UN and Katanganese gendarmes and their mercenary allies in Elisabethville #Congo on 6 December 1961

M-8 armoured cars of the Armee Nationale Congolaise (ANC) parade through the streets of Leopoldville #Congo in 1960 or 1961

Katangan armoured on car at roadblock in Elisabethville #Congo during the fighting between @UN forces and gendarmes 6 December 1961

5 December 1961 "Matters are now in the hands of the military": Fighting renewed between @UN forces and Katanga gendarmes in Elisabethville after the September cease-fire broke down #Congo

4 December 1976: President Jean-Bedel Bokassa announced that henceforth the #CentralAfricanRepublic would be known as the Central African Empire and his 'coronation' as emperor would take place in a year

3 December 1985- "The day is not far when we shall lead you to freedom": Winne Mandela spoke at at rally and vowed vengence for those killed in clashes with Police in the black township of Mamelodi outside Pretoria #SouthAfrica

2 December 1977: The @AP released @PulitzerPrizes winning photos taken by one of its photographers who accompanied a #Rhodesia army unit on a patrol who said he saw soldiers "Loot, burn down huts and beat a politician and torture his wife and daughter"

In Bangui, His Majesty Jean-Bedel Bokassa places the crown upon his head on 4 December 1977, crowning himself emperor just as Napoleon had on this date 173 years before #CentralAfricanRepublic

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