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African History Headlines

African history headlines & news – What was happening this month in the conflict era of previous years.

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19 October 1978- "Lusaka Tower this is Green leader, we are attacking the terrorist base at Westlands farm": Cockpit recording of Squadron leader Chris Dixon in his Canberra over Lusaka airport #Zambia Operation Gatling #Rhodesia via @YouTube

Operation Gatling: ZIPRA killed at Freedom Camp/Westlands Farm by #Rhodesia air attack 25 km north of Luanda #Zambia on 19 October 1978; an estimated 1,500 were killed during the three-day operation

G-2 guns parked at Ongiva #Angola airfield during its long occupation by #SouthAfrica SADF forces from 1981-1985

Photos of the same building in Ongiva from 19 October 1975 photo during Savannah later on in the war. Ongiva was recaptured during Protea in August 1981 and occupied by #SouthAfrica until May 1985 #funfacts

Operation Savannah: Two #SouthAfrica Eland-90 and a Unimog in Periera d'Eca, renamed Ongiva, #Angola ; Task Force Zulu captured the town on 19 October 1975

18 October 1976- " I cannot foresee such a day at all": In an interview with the @nytimes, #SouthAfrica Prime Minister John Vorster ruled out any role for blacks in political life, and reiterated his support for #Rhodesia

18 October 1996: In Lemera #Congo, an organization known as the AFDL announced its existence as leading the rebellion in #FirstCongoWar; in fact it was a contrivance of #Rwanda and #Uganda

17 October 1992: In #Angola first free elections, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos won with 49% of the vote, leading to a runoff with UNITA guerrilla leader Jonas Savimbi which would never take place

16 October 2001: The Inter #Congolese Dialogue, peace talks that would finally end the #SecondCongoWar, began in Addis Ababa #Ethiopia #Congo #DRC

15 October 2000- "They have attacked us, its a real war"; The strange tale of Enselme Nindaga and the #Congo Army FAC Pweto offensive, the final major operation of the #SecondCongoWar #Zimbabwe #Rwanda

A vigilante coffee farmer peers through a fortified wall near Mellsetter, #Zimbabwe #Rhodesia; 5,000 white farmers produced 82% of agricutural output and five main crops over half of Rhodesia's foreign exchange 14 October 1979

Operation Savannah: Task Force Zulu column led by Eland-90 and followed by the 'fruit carrying' lorries October 1975 #Angola #SouthAfrica

15 October 1975- 3,000 km in 33 days: Operation Savannah began as Task Force Zulu crossed the #Angola border near Rundu #SouthAfrica

14 October 1998: With the RCD/ #Rwanda capture of Kindu and Kabalo, #Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe threatened intervention in eastern #Congo #SecondCongoWar

13 October 1965: President Kasavubu dismissed Premier Moise Tshombe and his government and replaced him with Evariste Kimba #Congo

13 October 1964 "If the rebels had shot straight we'd have all been dead": #SouthAfrica Mercenaries in a commando led by Siegfried Muller, a WWII Iron Cross winner, revolted outside Boende #Congo

12 October 1998: #Rwanda backed RCD rebels captured the important rail and river town of Kindu in eastern #Congo #SecondCongoWar via @YouTube

4-11 October 1965: A week of talks were held in London between #Rhodesia and #Britain in a last attempt for independence with Britain's consent

11 October 1998: RCD rebels shot down a Boeing 727 airliner leaving Kindu airport #Congo , killing all 41 onboard #SecondCongoWar

9 October 1976- Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe announced the formation of the Patriotic Front and six demands for the up coming Geneva Conference #Rhodesia

Time Magazine cover for 11 October 1976 anticpating the Geneva Conference #Rhodesia

11 October 1979- Operation Cheese: SAS operators blew up the vital Chambeshi River rail and road bridges in northeast #Zambia ,540 km from #Rhodesia

"Destruction of the government is our highest priority": Orde Boerevolk 'Call to Arms' statement read by its leader Piet Rudolf to Beeld in June 1990 #SouthAfrica

9/10 October 1990 Iveco Bus Massacre: An Orde Boerevolk attack on a bus in Durban killed seven blacks and injured 26 others; earlier, a PAC knife attack outside a Durban hotel killed one white and injured 8 others #SouthAfrica

#Congolese strongman Col Joseph Mobutu leads a squad of soldiers to Patrice Lumumba residence in Leopoldville #Congo; @UN troops would not allow former Premier Lumumbas arrest 10 October 1960

Operation Savannah: 22-vehicle Eland 90 armoured car squadron began a 2,400 km 6 day trek from Bloemfontein #SouthAfrica to Ondangwa in SW Africa where they would airlifted into the fight in #Angola 9 October 1975

9 October 1968: Pierre Mulele, leader of 1964 #Congo rebellion, @executedtoday by firing squad, deceived he could return to #Congo for an amnesty

9 October 1968- Fearless: #Rhodesia Prime Minister Ian Smith and #Britain Prime Minister Harold Wilson met aboard the HMS Fearless at #Gibraltar for talks

8 October 1979- "We are not here to break necks": While Patriotic Front leaders were rejecting a British constitution compromise in London, #Rhodesia SAS operators were parachuting deep into #Zambia to prepare to blow the crucial Chambeshi Rail bridge during Operation Cheese

5 October 1975- First clash of Savannah: A ad hoc #SouthAfrica/ UNITA combat group fought a MPLA/FAPLA column at Norton de Matos, halting the #Angola advance on Novo Lisboa

MPLA youth parade at a football stadium in Luanda #Angola on 4 October 1975

8 October 1968: In a nationwide broadcast, Ian Smith cautioned #Rhodesia'ns on raised hopes for his meeting with British Prime Minster Harold Wilson in #Gibraltar

2018 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Yazidi Activist and #Congolese Doctor Dr. Denis Mukwege on Friday for their campaigns to end the use of mass rape as a weapon of war #Congo

French Foreign @COMLE_DRPLE and Belgian paratroopers arrived in Kigali #Rwanda to secure their embassies on 7 October 1990

RPA/RPF rebels, many #Uganda army deserters, entering #Rwanda in stolen army trucks; the rebels made gains in the first weeks of their invasion 7 October 1990

Commander of @UN ONUC forces in #Congo #Sweden General Carl van Horn reviews #Indonesia troops in Leopoldville, present day Kinshasa on 7 October 1960

6 October 1976 -Geneva Conference: In a statement, Ian Smith said the five points presented to him by Henry Kissinger and accepted by the #Rhodesia government was conditional on all parties accepting them

6 October 1976: Guerrillas blew up two spans of the bridge over the Matetsi River #Rhodesia 32 miles from #Zambia sending 11 of the 24 cars carrying copper from #Zaire into the river

2 October 1990: #Uganda 's government condemned and denied knowledge of the RPA/RPF invasion of #Rwanda

Fred Rwigyema, a Tutsi refugee who was a Major General in the #Uganda army, led the RPA/RPF invasion of #Rwanda but was killed in controversial circumstances on the second day 2 October 1990

RPA insurgents entering #Rwanda in #Uganda army trucks; hundreds under the command of Maj Gen Fred Rwigyema crossed the border and attacked border outposts, beginning the Rwandan Civil War on 1 October 1990

5 October 1960 Verwoerd"The beginning of a new era": In an all-white referendum, voters chose to make #SouthAfrica a republic; the vote was split between whites of British ancestry and Afrikaners

3 October 1987 Operation Modular: The destruction of the FAPLA 47 brigade south of the Lomba #Angola #SouthAfrica

Operation Modular: #Angola FAPLA T-55 tank knocked out during the fighting south of the Lomba River on 3 October 1987 #SouthAfrica

3 October 1979- Operation Miracle: A #Rhodesia Canberra bomber and a Hawker Hunter were shot down by FRELIMO AA-fire over #Mozambique

2 October 1976: #Rhodesia nationalist leader Ndabaningi Sithole accused Henry Kissinger of displaying "a 19th century white mentality" by not consulting black leaders during his peace initiative

1 October 1976 "You have condemned the government, but you have not condemned the terrorists": #Rhodesia Roman Catholic Bishop of Umtali Donal Lamont was sentenced to 10 years for not reporting the whereabouts of guerrillas

Operation Miracle: Selous Scout preparing charges to destroy a ZANLA bunker on Monte Casino #Mozambique 1 October 1979 #Rhodesia

Operation Miracle: Selous Scouts on Monte Cassino-by 1 October 1979 #Rhodesia forces were in control of the entire 64 sq km ZANLA Chimoio base complex #Mozambique

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