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February 21, 2018

Everyday People

History seldom remembers the everyday people, and features the rich and famous instead.  This is sad because often the best stories and the most interesting of lives are played out by the everyday people.

You and I and our forefathers and ancestors are the people who shaped the planet.  We built the railways, nursed the sick and poured the tea for people who could only dream their dreams and see their visions of what the world might one day become.  Yes, it is the everyday people who often faced the most danger and overcame or lost their lives in ways that often far more up close and personal than the sheltered few who poems are written about.

The big guys cannot do anything unless the everyday people allow them to.  These are our stories.

Port Elizabeth

Cathy from Port Elizabeth

A white British immigrant growing up in South Africa The Casual Observer is one of the few blogs that I ...
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Eleanor Louisa Breen

Eleanor Louisa Breen - a Woman Pioneer Eleanor Louisa Breen nee Allison lived a long, hard & highly rewarding life ...
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Boys in the SADF

Men & Boys in the SADF Memories are not always golden.  Reading through a post about the boys in the ...
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About Me

First of all a big THANK YOU!   If you have been directed here because you have made a donation ...
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John Robert Foran, Australian soldier Rhodesian Army 1976

Australian soldier Rhodesian Army John Robert Foran was born in Australia, but fought in the Rhodesian Bush War. He joined ...
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Elizabeth Johnson, cook, Barberton South Africa 1800s

Elizabeth Johnson Beverley, Barberton South Africa 1800s Not much is known about Elizabeth.  Her family came to South Africa from England, Scotland ...
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