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January 17, 2019

Archives for August 2015

Great Zimbabwe – The facts, the folklore, the legend

Great Zimbabwe – The Zimbabwe Ruins Zimbabwe, big homes of stone There are still conflicting ideas in the archeological world as to the exact origins of these massive ruins, a huge fortress type structure built without mortar.  Despite exploitation, war, famine & corruption perhaps Africa is entitled to hold on to some of her secrets? The

Ban Trophy hunting lion in Zimbabwe

Should we ban trophy hunting in Zimbabwe? In a recent CNBC  article by Zack Guzman,  published this week, there are concerns that a knee jerk ban on trophy hunting could be detrimental to the Zimbabwean economy. The article quotes  Amy Dickman, a researcher with WILDCRU, the team that were  studying  Cecil the lion along with other

Wildlife officers to shoot poachers in Zambia?

It could be time that laws were changed to allow powers for wildlife officers to shoot poachers. Kapamba Kombe told newsmen that ZAWA has requested extra powers from parliament because the game parks are like war zones, and officers have been charged for returning fire – According to a report in NGR Guardian News. Previous