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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Blame the Whites

Blame the Whites / Blame it on the Whites A reconcilatory song I listened to a song by Don Clarke mainly out of curiosity. A long time Kristofferson fan, the title reminded me of Blame it on the Stones. After grabbing the headset, I pressed PLAY. Catchy title/catchy tune, all good. I wanted to know more so

Mental Health


PTSD / Lessons from old Servicemen World at War Today Most of the world is currently involved in war. Now. At this very moment. 2016 – & we are still at it. Media coverage is limited to human stories. A badly injured child or an isolated event captures viewers interest for day or maybe a

Tribal Thoughts

Brexit, Init?

Brexit IN it or OUT of it – Did you VOTE? A referendum was held in the UK on 23 June 2016.  The electorate voted & decided that Britain will leave the European Union. That’s Brexit. Simple. Media & commentary before & after the referendum has been colourful, complex & it seems everyone is Tweeting.

African Food

Tasty Tart

Tasty tarts with a dash of speed are making a Cape comeback  There are a million things the Cape could boast about, but spicing up the world must surely top the list.  The trading post opened the door for goods to cross the globe & brought spices to Europe. Frozen taste buds thawed & skipped at least

World thoughts

Tara Aberdeen

Primal urges

Primal urges have driven many tribes to great success and total destruction They have done the same for many individuals, too, but this post is not about that……… Modern day cavemen are back.  They were spotted recently on  Facebook, that tool that unites & divides tribes, families & friends everywhere. These guys in skins brandishing


Power Playlist

Power Playlist   Old music does make me either sentimental, philosophical or just plain simple.  Either way, while listening to Rodriquez & going through twitter I came across a post,  ‘We’re all guilty; let’s get past that to a place where we can properly address the problem’  I thought it was about Africa. It was